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Some say Paul Yaffe is a true artist.  Original.  Inspired.  His creations have been compared to sculptures that have function.  Is he an inventor, an engineer, a visionary?  At different times, perhaps he is each of these.

When asked how he continues to better himself with each creation, Paul simply smiles that intoxicating , ear to ear grin, like the cat who just ate the canary, and replies, "I see motorcycles in everything.  I have a natural gift for looking at things, and seeing how they can work better.  Sometimes my engineering challenges even work themselves out in my dreams.  All that is enhanced by my incredibly talented crew."

Paul is often asked to describe his style.  He replies, "I eat, drink, and sleep motorcycles.  Every night that I have a dream or am inspired by an image, my style changes.  I am constantly evolving.  If the day ever comes when my bikes can be categorized because they all look the same, I am sure that is the same day I will have to leave this business for a new challenge."

Paul's custom creations are a natural extension of him.  Before any project even begins, he mentally starts with an aerial view of all the possible components to be considered.  Blessed with an all-knowing vision of the final outcome, he sees the way the collection of elements need to blend and work together.  His skillful technique involves choosing the best combination of elements, then making them yield the ultimate in both function and beauty.

Since 1984, Paul Yaffe has been designing some of the world's most exquisite, custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  His vision and unique style have been setting industry standards for over a decade.  You might remember Paul's custom shop , "American Legend Motorcycle Company," located in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. Or maybe the name, "Beyond Bolt-On" Billet Products, rings a more familiar bell. However the images of Paul's work have reached you, they are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Paul and his custom creations have graced the pages of over thirty magazines in recent years, both in the United States and internationally.  His show bikes have claimed "Best of Show" Honors at the most prestigious competitions in the country, including "The International Show Car Association Events," "The Rat's Hole Shows," "Daytona," "Laughlin," "Del Mar," and the grand daddy of them all, "The Oakland Roadster Show," to name a few.

Paul is commissioned to create about twelve projects annually.  Each completed project can claim as many as seven hundred hours of his time.  Because each project is unique, receiving dozens of one-of-kind, billet aluminum parts and original sheet metal, building more than twelve custom motorcycles a year would be impossible.  

Once unveiled to the public, the demand for these one-of-a-kind products is often high.  Paul must then develop these special parts for production, and make them available to the public through Paul Yaffe Originals and any affiliated distributors. This is the aspect of Paul's product line that separates him from most others.  There is a demand for his new products, before the products are even in production.

We believe that Paul Yaffe Originals products are setting new standards for the industry.  Paul's reputation for building some of the finest, custom Harley-Davidsons and components for those customs is unequalled.  Paul's engineering skills, together with his eye for design, natural mechanical aptitude, and in-depth understanding of custom motorcycles, are his perfect ally in his quest to create the most innovative and successful product Catalog...ever.

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