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Paul Yaffe
Title:  Front Man
Time: Since the Beginning
Gets to kiss all the pretty girls....
  Kevin Bailey
Title:  Production Coordinator
Time:  12 years
Kevin has been here the longest!  Hes Pauls right hand man.  Be that as it may, hes not really into bikes, hes more partial to radio control cars.  Go figure! 
Jack Gould
Time: 4 Years
Title:  Lead Technician
Jack is the best damn tech on the planet.  His girlfriend Stella thinks he is a cross between John Wayne & Homer Simpson.  She says he is like John Wayne because he is handsome, strong, confident , and honest.  He is full of True Grit!  He is like Homer Simpson because he makes her laugh.  He has a real silly side, like you just got to love him!  But the guys in the shop say he is old like John Wayne and has a beer belly like Homer but yeah, you just got to love him!
  Brandon Leonard
Time: 4 Years
Title: Fabrication/Assembly
Brandon attended MMI and soon after became an employee at PYO.  He s continued to work his way up the ladder.  In his spare time he rides his mountain bike down some steep ass shit.
Mike Martinson
Time: 4 Years
Title:  Fabricator
He's a true Phoenician, born in Mesa, AZ.  Mikey attended EVIT where he learned to fabricate.  Mike started PYO as an apprentice welder and honed skills so quickly, that after a few short years he's running the fab shop.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and likes long walks on the beach.  Other hobbies include Hot rods and Sand Rails
  "Diva" Lee
Time:  1 Year
Lee is the "Diva" of the shop.   "He-She" as he refers to himself loves wild nights dancing and frolicking through the local parks seeking man mud.  He has even gone as far as designing his own bagger complete with rhinestones.  He says it's a fabulous look and is a labor of
man love. 

Click here to see "Diva" Lee's ride.  Look closely.  I think he's got mud on his thumb.  Go>
Kris Bailey
Time:  6 months
Title:  Shipping
Kris squints.  He always looks like he's having a good laugh at something funny on his computer screen.  It's only the UPS software or Peach Tree.  Oh he also likes to kick people in the face.  Don't be an ass when you play poker with him.